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is a Private Limited Company is known as an expert in design, manufacturing, erection & commissioning of Material Handling Equipment’s and Systems for Boiler Fuel and Ash Handling Systems in various industries like, Food Process, Biomass, Chemical, Sugar, Cement, Steel, Coal Washeries, Mining and Paper industries across the globe.

Our major products are Belt Conveyor, Bucket elevator, Slat Chain Conveyor, Screw Conveyor, Special Screw Conveyor, Twin screw conveyors, Screw Feeder, Submerge Ash Conveyor, Rotary Air Lock Valve, Rotary Feeder, Crusher & Screen, Reciprocating Slide gate, Storage tanks.


Our Services

Thermal Power Plants

India is the one of the largest country in terms of power generation. SHRICON Conveyors is providing best solutions in material handling equipments and systems to thermal power sector. SHRICON Conveyors is the best solution provider in power generation sector.

Steel Plants

SHRICON Conveyors provide solutions to satisfy individual application. Whether it is reconditioning, replacement, SHRICON Conveyors provides solutions to RMHS, DRI handling, Iron ore plants, Limestone and process systems. Our major products in Steel sector are Belt

Coal Washeries

A coal preparation plant is a facility that washes coal of soil and rock, crushes it into graded sized chunks (sorting), stockpiles grades preparing it for transport to market, coal needs to be stored at various stages of the preparation process.

Cement Plants

SHRICON Conveyors provides cement manufacturing industries to robust and reliable material handling system for RMHS (Ram material handling system); Clinker conveying and other equipment to all major cement manufacturers.

Our Portfolio

Rotary Air Lock Valve

Rotary Air Lock Valve maintains pressure and provides an optimal airlock seal between different product conveying transitions, such as pneumatic conveying, bulk solids handling and batching systems. Rotary Airlocks are used worldwide throughout a large variety of industrial, Power and agricultural bulk and specialty material handling systems. We specialize in the design and manufacture of custom built rotary airlock products that can immediately improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of your feeding and metering operations.

Jacketed Screw Conveyor

Jacketed Screw conveyor is specially designed for Boiler bottom ash handling. The equipment consists cooling arrangement for bearings, shaft, Screw pipe and complete equipment body. Bottom ash continually falls from the furnace throat, through the insulated bottom ash chute, and into the water jacketed screw conveyor. Major advantage of this equipment is handling high temperature ash. The equipment consists cooling arrangement for bearings, shaft, Screw pipe and complete equipment body. The discharged ash to take-away through conveyor or storage area.

Submerged Ash Conveyor

Submerged ash conveyor is used to handle boiler bottom ash conveying system. Bottom ash is continually collected, cooled and dewatered with a submerged Belt/ Chain conveyor. Bottom ash continually falls from the furnace throat, through the insulated bottom ash chute, and into the water-filled submerged conveyor trough. Cooled ash is conveyed along the bottom of this trough by conveyor flights attached at both ends to continuous loops of conveyor Belt/chain. As the ash-laden flights leave the water-filled trough and travel up the dry incline, the ash drains and dewaters itself.

Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyors are used in handling various types of materials, which have relatively good flowability. We manufacture different types of screw conveyors depending upon need of the customer like flow control, volume control, bottom of storage Hopper screws, Mixtures, twin screw.The screw conveyor consists of a tubular or U-shaped trough in which a shaft with spiral screw revolves. The screw shaft is supported hanger bearings at ends. The rotation of screw pushes the grain along the trough. The screw conveyor is used in grain handling facilities.

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